Shop in Person ~ Meet the Artist

The conventions, fairs and shows I attend are the perfect opportunity to buy merch, have a chat and also have an awesome time!

Below you can find a list of my upcoming events!

Upcoming Conventions

09.-10.02.2024 Kokorokon, Schwechat, Austria

08.-09.03.2024 Button Festival, Graz, Austria

05.-07.04.2024 Animuc, Fürstenfeldbruch, Germany

20.-21.04.2024 Royalcon, Enns, Austria

27.-28.04.2024 Harucon, Klagenfurt, Austria

10.-12.05.2024 Hanamicon, Graz, Austria*

25.-26.05.2024 Vienna Comix, Wien, Austria

29.-30.06.2024 Level Up, Salzburg, Austria

02.-04.08.2024 AnimagiC, Mannheim, Germany*

09.-11.08.2024 AniNite, Wien, Austria*

06.-08.09.2024 Connichi, Wiesbaden, Germany*

03.-06.10.2024 SPIEL, Essen, Germany*

11.-13.10.2024 Polaris, Hamburg, Germany*

26.-27.10.2024 MEX Berlin, Berlin, Germany*

31.10.-03.11.2024 Yunicon, Schwechat, Germany*

23.-24.11.2024 VIECC, Wien, Austria*

30.11.-01.12.2024 Comic Con Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany*

*confirmation pending
these are the conventions I plan to attend. As soon as I get accepted/declined, I will update this list.

Events at Cabaret Curiosa

Cabaret Curiosa is a Burlesque show, held at the Martinsschlössl in Vienna. At some of their shows I will be there offering commissions and a limited range of my merch.

Adress: Martinstraße 18, 1180 Wien

Attending dates:

06. January 2024 Hell's got talent
04. May 2024 Nerdlesque
01. June 2024 Hell's got talent
31. August 2024 Dark Fairytales & Gothic Novels

Tickets for Cabaret Curiosa